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CattCreek Departure by jgallaway81 CattCreek Departure :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 9 0 SpaceQuest Uniforms by jgallaway81 SpaceQuest Uniforms :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 4 3 Departing Arcade by jgallaway81 Departing Arcade :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 5 0 Abandoned Cascade Trestle - October 2015 by jgallaway81 Abandoned Cascade Trestle - October 2015 :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 0 1 FCCorp.US Paint Evolution on the ACE-3000's by jgallaway81 FCCorp.US Paint Evolution on the ACE-3000's :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 8 0 Bumble Bee Worker by jgallaway81 Bumble Bee Worker :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 0 0 FCR Keystone by jgallaway81 FCR Keystone :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 0 0 Cumberland Valley Office Car Locomotive Ideas by jgallaway81 Cumberland Valley Office Car Locomotive Ideas :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 2 0 Leo Laporte Tat by jgallaway81 Leo Laporte Tat :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 0 0 Norfolk Southen #3000 by jgallaway81 Norfolk Southen #3000 :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 12 2 Universal Service Switcher (Shortline Variant) by jgallaway81 Universal Service Switcher (Shortline Variant) :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 4 1 65z At Pt238 - Coloredpencil by jgallaway81 65z At Pt238 - Coloredpencil :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 1 1 65z At Pt238 - Chromed by jgallaway81 65z At Pt238 - Chromed :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 0 0 65z At Pt238 by jgallaway81 65z At Pt238 :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 1 0 GP-45-TGX (ExCool Model) by jgallaway81 GP-45-TGX (ExCool Model) :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 2 3 GP-45-TGX (Base Model) by jgallaway81 GP-45-TGX (Base Model) :iconjgallaway81:jgallaway81 1 0


Full disclosure: Altoona-based locomotive engineer & steam enthusiast. I find the composition well thought out, bypassing the more popu...


CattCreek Departure
The 12pm train departs Arcade, crossing Cattaraugus Creek. The Main Street crossing is protected by one of the train crew who boards the train as it crosses the road. Here you can see him looknig back along the train to ensure the crewman acting as Conductor safely made it aboard the train as it departed. Once they are across the creek, they will begin collecting tickets.
SpaceQuest Uniforms
MCPoSF - Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet
MSgtMACO - Command Master Sergeant of MACO
S.C.I.S. - Starfleet Criminial Investigative Service
NonCom - Non Commissioned, ie - Enlisted
Space Patrol - The interstellar equivalent to the U.S. Coast Gaurd, but primarily for each planet. The enforcement arm of each member world's version of the FAA.

The Federation Army was disbanded, their dark royal blue being retired as well. Following the reactivation of the MACOs, it was decided to reuse the Royal Blue as a special dress uniform for Embassy Guards, and following President Bacco's assasination aboard the newly constructed (replacement) Deep Space Nine, the Presidential Protection Detail would also wear the same uniform.

The blue shoulder cord represents official function of the Federation Council, hence their use on SCIS & JAG as well as Embassy and PPD uniforms. SCIS, Embassy Guards and PPD members all wear Federation emblems on their shoulders, and the belt buckles on the dress uniforms all use a Federation Starfield instead of the Starfleet Chevron


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J.D. Gallaway
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I've been interested in computers, science, & technology since I was old enough to learn. I started my love-affair with learning with trains. That then matured into learning the science behind the operations of steam locomotives. Simultaneously, I developed a strong interest in the space program; I can remember being devastated by the loss of Challenger... even though I would only be turning five years old that coming July. By the time i was seven, I was determined to make the trip to Space Camp, a goal I finally saved up for in 1991.

Space technology science lead to an interest in what is known as astrophysics.. the study of stars, their formation, evolution and death and their affects on the structure of surrounding space. This then lead to an interest in nuclear physics as a result of the subatomic reactions at the cores of stars and then into Quantum Mechanics as I studied things like black holes and quasars.

Today I still love to learn. I listen to podcasts on computers, science & technology. My love of trains has been supplemented by my love of history. This has become an interest in Industrial Archaeology.

Info regarding other aspects of my life (ie, job, kids & marriage,) can be found at FaceBook or Google Plus, both linked to from my About.Me page below:

There are those who would consider the Federation to be socialist at best, communistic at worst. But the simple reality is that the United Federation of Planets was born from Earth being forced to go it alone in 2155 when the Coalition of Planets collapsed in the face of the Romulan threat.

A lone wolf was forced to wage war against a dynamic, militaristic oppressive threat to everyone. But only United Earth and her Starfleet stepped up to the plate and waged the battles necessary to bring the Romulan threat to heal, with enough force to negotiate the treaty that ended the war on terms fairly positive for Earth following the Romulan defeat at the Battle of Charon.

The Federation may seem socialistic, but that's only because the need for capitalistic based incentives to push forward have been marginalized. Warp drive has opened up the asteroid belt to massive industrial exploitation. Anti-gravity has allowed easy and massive access to space for massive space-based power collectors to harness the sun's output. With the advent of transporters and replicators, basic needs can be provided for at a lower cost than the price of administering a system to control access.

Elimination of competition for resources has allowed Earth, Mars, the Terran colonies and the other members of the Federation to pursue the scientific, technological, artistic and philosophical advances that the individual's heart desires. When failure has no cost, advancement can be made with impunity because one does not need to balance the resource demands of a successful attempt with the resource depletion of failure.

My point? Don't look down on the Utopia us trekkers long for. Its not about socialism winning out over capitalism. Its about advancement winning out over limited resources.

From a philosophical point of view, Starfleet and the civilian research agencies still pursue a capitalistic approach, dealing in the currency of personal integrity, reputation and honor. Its a currency that the American soldiers have in great abundance.

And so my point is, at long last, made clear. With Memorial Day just around the corner, I want it made clear that my dreams and desires for a day when the Federation flag flies over the Presidential Offices in Paris, over Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy on the Presidio in San Fransisco, is not a dream of a world without American ideals. Ideas such as personal achievement, Freedom of Speech, Press, liberty, pursuit of happiness, the right to bare arms, the right to privacy and security of person and mind; all the rights and liberties we aspire to but fail to reach so often in this country.

Its a dream where those rights and liberties no longer need to compete with the need for power and resource control. When those rights and liberties can shine free with the support of the very universe itself supporting and nurturing them.

And that is why, in addition to the men and women of the United States armed forces over the last 240years, I also will be remembering the men and women of United Earth and the United Federation of Planets of the next 360yrs who have given their lives in defense of a dream when we can chose our own destiny, unbridled by the misinformation of those who would control us and the resource limitations of the ones who would hold us back.

God bless those who write a blank check to protect our freedoms; good for, up to and including, their very lives.


Post inspired by discussions held at the Center County hackerspace: The Make Space (of State College, PA - and this DeviantArt: Federation Flag


"Painted" Train Drawings
After designing the custom designs, the two orange "paintings" are used to demonstrate equipment & paintschemes for the Arcade & Attica Railroad.

The Norfolk Southern design was done up to demonstrate my idea for an enhanced design for an NS scheme. My goal is to eventually (after "building" modified drawings which match the equipment) accompany this drawing/painting of a set of the NS Office Car Special F-units.

Due to licensing issues, I cannot offer to do up the major railroads (Amtrak, BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern, or Union Pacific) but I can offer to paint up the schemes without the name or logo so you can add them after the fact. However, if you have a hand drawn custom design, or you want a fictional "what-if" scheme of say, your local shortline on a massive modern locomotive, I can do that.
Train Drawing Blanks
Custom train drawings can be created for existing railroad equipment or for custom designs. These are most usually used for designing or testing new paint schemes against railroad equipment without having to risk an expensive model.

The 2-8-0 depicted in the "American Muscle" drawing is Arcade & Attica No18, a real operational locomotive. The Pennsylvania Railroad "Juniata" is a custom design I made for a story I'm working on. The Geometry Car - Original is also a custom design based on parts I had available for kitbashing on my model railroad.


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